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New podcast: Birthday albums by Rush, INXS, The Smiths



You'd think we'd learned our lesson about trying to cover the band Rush on our Stuck in the '80s podcast. We've done it before, and the Rush fans always explode over any tiny criticism of their favorite Canadians. Well, we've reached the 30th anniversary of Rush's Hold Your Fire album, and we went there again.

Truth is, I was once the biggest Rush fan of them all. I had the obligatory poster of Geddy and Alex with their double-necked guitars in concert on my bedroom wall. (I actually just bought a reprint of it, but haven't had the courage to hang it in the bedroom of a 50-year-old fan.) I owned and memorized 2112 through Signals, but then I stopped. Too much time has passed for me to know exactly why. I just moved on.

In the last year or so, I caught the Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage and was instantly in love again. (It's still on Netflix if you want to catch it.) And I first heard the song Time Stand Still. I was floored. I smiled. I danced. I wept. 

Freeze this moment
A little bit longer
Make each sensation
A little bit stronger

My heart worked again. My brain was on overdrive. Those damn Rush guys sucked me again.

So this week, our Stuck in the '80s hosts decided to tackle three albums that are turning 30 years old: INXS' Kick, The Smith's Strangeways Here We Come, and Rush's Hold Your Fire. Cut us a break if we get a little weepy at times. That's what happens when "experience slips away." Enjoy the show.

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