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An ode to my short-lived journalism career, as told in Mary Tyler Moore GIFs



You guys, today is my last day with the Tampa Bay Times. I know. I didn't even tell you to sit down or anything before I unloaded that harsh reality, and for that I am truly sorry.

On Monday, I will begin a new career in marketing at a Fortune 500 company that has promised to make it do something between drizzle and rain. I am excited. And I am sad.

So in honor of my departure and on the heels of my farewell-cake sugar high, let's journey back, shall we, and chronicle my divalicious time here via photos and gifs of the woman who inspired me at age 4 to become a journalist: Mary Richards.

In the beginning, after several random journo-related internships, I earned my press pass in 2011 and walked through these doors all doe-eyed and eager. Not even working nights and holidays could dampen my spirit.

I moved up from copy editor and page designer to actual, real-life writer, and it was a dream come true. My grandmother (whose jewelry has frequently been featured on My Outfit Mondays) got to see my byline in our local paper before she passed. Life goal complete.

I soon became known as the lady with fresh-breath essentials at the ready. Imperative.

I met super-amazing people who have written entire books. BOOKS! (Looking at you Steph.)

I received disturbing emails and phone calls, which I'm pretty sure means you've made it.

I tried a few times, unsuccessfully, to get serious reporting gigs.

Instead, I landed the glorious role of tbt* Entertainment Editor. Zero regrets. Except all the tired.

After trying thrice, I finally became a Deal Diva. Angels sang, and I started caring one thousand times more about how I dress, because we have to represent.

Then I started receiving samples, GLORIOUS samples.

Those samples inspired me to take fashion risks that, let's face it, sometimes missed the mark. Regardless, experimenting will forever remain a priority.

Before long, I transformed into a real-life diva and started to act all...

There have been SO MANY great days.

And a few not-so-great days.

But in the end, I'm taking with me friendships and experiences that are truly priceless. And who knows, maybe one day when we all have Instagram implanted in our brains, you'll see me again, reunited with the Divas in our old, fabulous age, reminiscing about our parking garage hike and chatting about the latest in affordable orthopedic footwear.

I'll miss being a part of something so special. I'll miss living my dream. I'll certainly miss my co-workers, and of course my fellow Divas.

But just remember, I'm only a tweet away.

With an eternal love of fashion,

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