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Beyoncé Week: What to Wear to the #Formation World Tour



(Welcome to Beyonce Week, our countdown to Beyoncés concert on Friday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. For all our Beyonce Week coverage, click here.)

There's no way you can look like Beyoncé. So let's just scrap that costume idea right now.

Sure, it would be fun to wear your modern dance leotard from eighth grade to Friday night's Formation World Tour stop at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium. But when you dress like Beyoncé while actively still breathing the same air, you will suffer by comparison.

In this post Lemonade era, there are a number of ways to honor the Queen Bey without resorting to outright imitation. Here I offer you a guide. Read closely. Commit to memory.

There are exactly three iconic Beyonce looks that any mere mortal can look passably cute in. The first is I Am… Sasha Fierce era Diva style. This one can be sourced out of your own closet and requires a leather jacket, ripped skinny jeans and a killer pair of ankle boots (the higher heel the closer to God TM). Top it off with rock star shades, high contrast makeup and a high-sleek pony tail and you've a got a look referential of Beyoncés fiercest era without lapsing into full on Halloween territory.

Easy look No. 2 will be in full effect Friday night because it's as Beyonce as anything ever in the history of creation. The music video Flawless is probably still one of people's enduring images from 2013's Beyoncé sound experiment. The cut off jean shorts paired with flannel top, fishnets, motorcycle boots, heavy leather and metallic accessories, black nail polish and mussed up hair can also probably come right out of your own closet, no new purchases necessary.

The third look will probably require an Amazon Prime purchase or two to pull together but it's also very popular with fans who like to be comfortable. In the 7/11 clip, our girl Bey dances around a hotel in varying sweatshirt and pajama pants combinations -- most famously the "KALE" number with the boy short undies and knee pads. It's a little on the risqué side if you don't buy the sweatshirt extremely oversized, but it will photograph marvelously in the sea of Single Ladies onesie sameness.

If you weren't planning a full homage, there's still time to put together an appropriate look. Think bottom to top, "What would Beyoncé Do?" and you can"t go wrong. Some rules of thumb:

  • Beyonce does not wear kitten heels. (Anything less than 6 inches are sneakers.)
  • Make sure your hair can flutter in the breeze. (Even though you will not have a personal wind machine.)
  • When in doubt, default to black clothing with large blocked white lettering. You do not have to spend $60 on a shirt that says "I got hot sauce in my bag." Any T-shirt stand worth its salt can make you one for a fraction of the price and a wider variety of sayings.
  • Raymond James Stadium is outside, so whatever you wear must breathe. Again, this is not a invitation to wear a leotard. If you are planning to embrace the cat suit of Lemonade's Sorry video, maybe go for the lightweight rayon version over the full-on Lycra body shaper.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to dust off my platform, rhinestone Guess pumps and cut some ventilation in my "He better call Becky with the good hair" shirt. #SippinLemonade 

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