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White nationalists find hero in Augustus Invictus, killer of goats



He didn't fare well in his bid last year to replace Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate. Augustus Sol Invictus could only muster 1,063 votes in his loss in the Libertarian Party of Florida's primary on Aug. 30.

But the 34-year-old former Orlando area attorney does have a following among white nationalists. Invictus headlined the ill-fated Unite the Right's Charlottesville rallies over the weekend.


White nationalist leader Richard Spencer credits Invictus with writing the first draft of the "Charlottesville Statement", which Spencer said should be compared to the Port Huron Statement in 1962.

Among the key tenets of Friday's statement are that "Jews are an ethno-religious people distinct from Europeans," "Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order," "the so-called 'refugee crisis' is an invasion, a war without bullets, taking place on the fields of race, religion, sex and morality. At stake is Europe's very identity," "we oppose feminism, deviancy, the futile denial of biological reality, and everything destructive to healthy relations between men and women," and "Leftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated." 

During his 2016 Senate campaign, Invictus got more attention for his claim that he killed a goat and drank its blood in a pagan ritual. But his involvement in the Libertarian Party caused a fuss with party officials. Adrian Wyllie resigned as party chairman in 2015 to protest his candidacy. At the time, Wyllie accused Invictus of being a fascist who wants to start a second Civl War.

That allegation holds up now, but during his campaign, Invictus denied he was a white supremacist. He told the Associated Press he was no such thing, "pointing out his four children are Hispanic." He did acknowledge that white supremacists support his campaign, but no, he wasn't trying to start a civil war. 

Turns out Invictus fully embraces his white supremacy now that his campaign is over. He runs the website The Revolutionary Conservative, which describes itself as an alternative to Breitbart and Fox News and promotes a violent uprising.

"The conservative media outlets believe that compromise is possible," says the website's mission statement, which Invictus wrote in January. "It is trusted that, should we simply continue to educate the public, the system can be changed...It was pamphleteers like our colonial forefathers who made possible the first American Revolution...We aim to do likewise in preparing Our Fellow Americans to declare themselves independent from the globalists, the leftists, and the international fianciers. May God help us in our task. May we conquer or die."

His bio says he earned a B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa. 

In a story posted Friday by Rachel Janik of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Invictus is described as a misfit who intends to run office again, but this time as a Republican. 

But the political fallout over Charlottesville may end whatever hopes for public office Invictus had. His affiliation with an event that led to three deaths may be tough to overcome.

But on Twitter at least, Invictus is shifting blame to others.



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