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  1. South African couple chart their own course as they fulfill American dreams

    Life Times

    The black skimmer, a shorebird that looks like a toucan's distant cousin, nestles on Shona Carcary's lap, resting its large red and black bill in the crook of her arm as a little dog might do. He had survived the brutal winds of Hurricane Irma.

    Just barely.

    Shaun and Shona Carcary pose for a photo in front of "Happy Wife," their 52-foot 1975 Hatteras trawler. (Photo by Justine Carcary)
  2. 16-week EnhanceFitness program helps with balance, strength, arthritis

    Life Times

    There may be groans as well as grins in this exercise class, but the gains are undeniable.

    Participants work out during an EnhanceFitness class at the South Tampa Family YMCA.
  3. The case for compound exercise


    Compound exercise versus isolation exercise? You may wonder which is a better option for gaining strength. They both have a place in building strength, but in different ways, depending on your goals. The trend today tends to lean toward functional fitness, which simply means movements that simulate what you would be …

    Photos by SCOTT KEELER   |   Times
  4. Build your resilience to help you weather life's storms

    Life Times

    Much of the scientific research on resilience — our ability to bounce back from adversity — has focused on how to build resilience in children. But what about the grownups?

    Resilience researcher Dr. Dennis Charney was tested in 2016 after he was shot by a disgruntled former employee.
  5. Hit the weights: Better muscle strength encourages better cognitive abilities, studies find

    Life Times

    Be strong, think strong. That's the takeaway from recent studies on the connection between moderate exercise at any age and improved mental acuity.

    “The payoff is great at any age,” Dr. Ross Andel says of strength training.
  6. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Eckerd College has full slate of fall classes, activities

    Life Times

    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute — OLLI — at Eckerd College is offering more than 200 noncredit classes and activities this fall. Most courses will be offered at Eckerd, 4200 54th Ave. S, St. Petersburg, and the Centre of Palm Harbor, 1500 16th St.

  7. Give your body the fuel it needs for a good workout


    So, you have your exercise routine down pat. You're doing your cardio workouts four or five days a week and having a go at strength exercises several times a week. But are you giving your body the fuel it needs to do all that?

    Peter Michaelson, St. Petersburg, does a Reverse Lunge with a Single Arm Press
  8. AARP study explores the role 50-plus moviegoers play at the box office

    Life Times

    A new study shows that seniors have a much larger impact on the success — or failure — of a film than previously realized, even films that might seem aimed at a much younger audience.

    According to the study, more than 30 percent of all cinema visits were made by 50-plus adults.
  9. Websites, apps can direct you to discounts

    Life Times

    Maybe they are embarrassed about their age. Or unaware of the many discount programs for seniors. Or simply thinking about something else.

  10. Fight stress with stretching, exercise, deep breathing


    Have you ever thought of having a de-stressing plan? Stress seems to attack all of us in some shape or form, whether it's work deadlines, family issues or just dealing with traffic. Most of the stress we deal with is short-lived, but when it continues to hang around and develop into chronic stress, those stress hormones …

    Yoga- Victoria Chadsey, Bradenton, uses The Tree pose.  LIFETIMES.