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  1. In Sitka, Alaska, food doesn't get more natural than this, or cheaper


    SITKA, Alaska

    A hefty brass bell hangs from a rafter in the middle of the Pioneer Bar. The P Bar, as everyone calls this down-home dive on Baranof Island about 90 miles southwest of Juneau, is a smokey haven for locals and fishermen.

  2. The challenges of being a chef on a remote Alaska cruise ship


    James George, 49, executive chef aboard the Safari Endeavour, has the kind of resume that makes you double-take.

  3. Exploring Alaska's Inside Passage with the adventure, expense of a cruise


    JUNEAU, Alaska

    Naturalist John Muir didn't have Patagonia waterproof Yulex gloves Amazon Primed to him. He did not have Gore-Tex or special wicking fabrics. His socks were probably wet the whole time.